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fantasy, history, science fiction ... welcome to my writing world! 


Quick stats: 

  • My thirty-six books are published in numerous translations and countries
  • I am published by Bloomsbury, Random, Orchard, Penguin, Scholastic, Kids Can etc.
  • My work has been nominated and won many awards
  • I write YA novels, chapter books, and picture books
  • Adults also enjoy my complex characters, vivid settings, & universal conflicts

I also love working with words--mine or yours! I offer manuscript evaluation, structural and copy editing, proofreading, and rewriting for authors worldwide. For reviews from satisfied clients, please visit my 'Editing' page.​

This is the home of Historical Horses, an exciting series with gripping adventures that trace the role of horses in history and culture.​



"This is a wonderful story of searching against all odds!"​

-- Mable's Fables Books on Red River Stallion

Book One:Red River Stallion. In 1830's Canada, two Metis girls survive an epic wilderness journey in the company of a remarkable horse. Inspired by a true event with a Norfolk Trotter.  

Book Two: The Horse Road.  In Central Asia in 102 BC, a teen must fight like a nomad warrior to save her Persian horses during siege warfare. Inspired by a true event with Ahkal-Tekes.  

Book Three: Cold Freedom.  In northern Europe, in the final months of WW II, refugees flee for their lives over hundreds of miles, in bitter cold, starving and bombed. Many are saved by their Trakehner horses.

​And fantasy novels!

If you love richly detailed fantasy worlds, magic, and adventure, the Tales of Terre are for you! Tales of courage, shifting loyalties, fantastical creatures, and fabulous cultures. Books I and II follow the classic high fantasy battle between powers of light and dark.

“Vivid details create a lush believable world of great beauty and even greater suspense.”
-- Amazon reviews on The Separated

Look for my new picture book, The Birdman,

forthcoming from Red Deer Press in fall of 2018


  • Red River Stallion nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award 2015.

  • Der Eisdrache wins Youth Jury Prize, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

  • Red River Stallion has starred listing in CCBC's list of Best Children's Books 2013.
  • The Horse Road nominated for the Panda Award (International Schools) in China 2013.

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