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Red River Stallion

"A warm, realistic, tender portrayal that all ages can delight in. Poignantly haunting, difficult to put down, so real the characters will linger in the mind for days. A masterpiece of authentically captured, fictionalized history. Another Marguerite Henry in the making!”

-- Google Book Reviews

The story: 

Amelia Otterchild is lost between two worlds. Her white father, a fur trader in northern Canada, has mysteriously disappeared. Her Cree mother teaches Amelia wilderness survival but, when her mother dies, Amelia must keep herself and her sister alive in a starving moon. Worse, Amelia’s vision quest provides nothing except troubling riddles. Alone in her canoe, Amelia is swept away in a thick fog, and expects to drown. Then an awesome creature, which she has never seen before, swims by. Is it her rescuing spirit guide…or a creature that will drown her in the depths?

In a heartbeat, Amelia makes a life-changing choice and begins an epic journey in the company of an amazing horse. Amelia will need all her wilderness skills to survive as she forges new and unlikely friendships, falls in love with horses, discovers secrets about an old family feud, and searches for her missing father. Bravely facing every hardship, Amelia comes of age and finds the promise of love in the prairie grasslands.   

Based on true events, this novel traces the ancestry of Hackney and Standardbred horses in Canada through the imported Norfolk Trotter stallion, Fireaway, who travelled 600 miles by  river in a boat.

“Beautifully written from the viewpoint of a vibrant young woman.” -- Historical Novel Society
“Beautifully written, at times reminiscent of Scott O’Dell.” -- Publishers Weekly

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 The Horse Road

“A wonderful, vivid story of love and loyalty, gripping and fast paced, will keep your attention from beginning to end. A delight to read and I would highly recommend it.” —Bookbabblers UK


The story:

Kallisto of the Trading House of Iona, teenage daughter of a rich merchant and a freed slave, is an extraordinary horsewoman. In Central Asia in 102 BC, Kalli and her mother breed herds of metallic Persians on which they fight like nomad warriors. When a spy carries tales of these fabulous horses across mountains and deserts, the Chinese emperor dispatches his huge army to capture the herds.

Kallisto will need everything at her disposal—Greek bartering, golden trade goods, tomb treasure, and her warrior ancestry—to save her beloved horses from the army, and to save herself from an arranged marriage to someone she cannot trust. In siege warfare, and through loyal friendships, she will hone her courage and forge her future.

Based on true events, this novel traces the ancestry of Akhal Teke horses, and their role in opening the western portions of the legendary Silk Road.

“Impressive research brings this era to life; characters ring true, and equestrian abilities, while impressive, are fully credible.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Strong female protagonist and suspenseful sequences.” —School Library Journal

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