Troon Harrison

author & editor


Picture Books
The Long Weekend                Andersen Press, London U.K.1991   
The Long Weekend                Harcourt Brace, San Diego 1992
The Long Weekend                Random House, Australia 1993
Aaron’s Awful Allergies         Kids Can Press, Toronto 1996
Eric est Allergique                 Scholastic (Quebec)1996
Alexander far en allergi         Kolibri Forlag (Norway)1996
Lavender Moon                      Annick Press, Toronto 1997
Don’t Dig So Deep                 Owl Books, Toronto 1997
Wonderful Junk                      Annick Press, Toronto 1998                          
The Dream Collector              Kids Can Press, Toronto 1999                      

Le Chasseur de Reves            Scholastic (Quebec)1999                           
Apanhador de Sonhos            Brinque-Book (Brazil) 1999                       
(translated title unknown)      Dar El Iim (Lebanon) 2001                          
The Memory Horse                Tundra Books, Toronto 1999                       
The Floating Orchard             Tundra Books, Toronto 2000                         
A Cat In The Stable                 Augsberg Books, USA 2001                            
Courage To Fly                       Red Deer Press, Alberta 2002                        
Poetry and Potatoes                Pavilion Books, London, U.K.2003                 
The Storm Lion                       Cornwall Editions, UK 2005                         
Der Eisdrache                           Residenz Verlag, Austria 2013                    
The Bird Man                          Red Deer Press, Alberta 2018                    

Television Animations
The Dream Collector              YTV,  N. American channels 2003               
Aaron’s Awful Allergies          YTV,  N. American channels 2003             

Intermediate Historical Fiction (series)
Ride The River                        Penguin Canada 2003                                    
The Button Necklace               Penguin Canada 2005                                   
The Star Supper                      Penguin Canada 2006                                    
Dandelion Days                       Penguin Canada 2007                                    

Intermediate Fantasy (Beast Quest series);
written under house pseudonym, Adam Blade:

#57 Lustor                              Orchard Books, London U.K.2012- 2013             
#60 Doomskull                                                                                
# 62 Taurok                                                                                        
# 66 Tauron                                                                                       
# 68 Kajin                                                                                            
# 71 Mirka                                                                                          
Battle of the Beasts # 2 Amictus                                                                                        

YA Historical Fiction
A Bushel Of Light                   Stoddart, Toronto 2000                               
The Horse Road                     Bloomsbury, Berlin, London, NY 2012               
Red River Stallion                   Bloomsbury, Berlin, London, NY 2013

YA Contemporary Fiction
Goodbye To Atlantis                Stoddart, Toronto 2001                               


YA Science Fiction
Eye Of The Wolf                      Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2003                                     

YA Fantasy
The Separated                         Brown Barn Books USA 2006                       
The Twilight Box                     Brown Barn Books USA 2007                      

Educational Non-fiction 
What’s For Lunch?                  Thompson-Duval 2005                                   
Castle!                                   Thompson-Duval 2005                                  
A World of Recipes, 2nd Ed.

(2 culture spreads in each of 10 books)Heinemann 2010                                   
Nuclear Energy:                    Crabtree Publishing 2010                                  
Power From the Atom

The Real Deal: Marijuana      Crabtree Publishing 2012                           

Educational Anthology
“The Dream Collector”          
in Read-Aloud Anthology        Rigby. Steck-Vaughn 2004                          

Educational Activity Guides (edited, revised new editions, added new material)
Boreal Forest                         Ministry of Natural Resources 2008                        
Wilderness Fire Safety            Ministry of Natural Resources 2009                        

Red River Stallion nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award 2015.

Der Eisdrache won the Youth Jury Prize awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture. The award was issued from Vienna in May 2014. 
This book was also short-listed for the Austrian Children's and Youth Book Prize.

Red River Stallion was given a starred listing in the Canadian Children's Book Centre list of “Best Children's Books 2013.” This list is published in Toronto, Canada.

The Horse Road nominated for the Panda Award (International Schools) in China 2013.