​​“A brilliant rainbow tapestry of war, flowering meadows, sea battles, witchcraft, exotic creatures, cruelty, and love.”

-- Brown Barn Books

The Separated, Tales of Terre Book I

Finalist, Book of the Year, INDIEFAB

“A skillfully crafted novel, very highly recommended for its creative magical world and tangible vivid descriptions.” – Midwest Book Review


The Story

Long ago, a fierce sea dragon sank a ship that carried two Golden Horns and their Keeper. The creatures – with power against darkness -- were separated, and passed into myth. But now evil grows for the cruel Lord Maldici guards a terrible secret in his mountain stronghold. He studies the black book of sorcery, and sends out spies to quest for the missing Golden Horn.

Vita is the youngest descendant in the long line of Keepers. Her magic must preserve the remaining Golden Horn in safety for only its power can thwart the growing evil. Yet Vita is in danger of betraying her trust. Her best friend, the pirate Giovanni, struggles to break free of the gold-greed that enslaves his people. Only then can he aid Vita, and vanquish the dragon in battle. But when Vita wavers, Giovanni’s life will be at risk in the dungeons of Lord Maldici. One other person will aid them: Marina, outcast daughter of a sea witch, searching for a home in the land of Verde. Overcoming their differences, these three must find courage to save what they love most from the gathering power of darkness.

“A fantastic world of memorable characters. The setting is well developed, and readers will appreciate the rich details.” – Resource Links

 “Vivid details create a lush believable world of great beauty and even greater suspense.” -- Amazon reviews

The Twilight Box, Tales of Terre Book II

​“A deep rich world, vividly detailed and vibrantly alive. The heroes are fully realized and very believable.” – Resource Links

The Story

When the sorcerer Lord Maldici was killed in a last, great battle, it seemed the world was safe. But the lord’s evil daughter escaped to the deserts of Terre. Her dark powers caused greed, slavery, and a war that is destroying the tribes.

Questing for a family, the orphan Ambro will do almost anything to prove that he belongs with the ruling tribe. But events force him to choose between his desires and the bitter truth when he meets Noleena. Snatched to safety when her tribe was put to death, she lives in hiding but learns the truth of her heritage from Hasani, a desert bandit. She must courageously risk her life by embarking on a quest to save her people from the dark Maldici dynasty. Hasani and Ambro will aid her struggle to reach the Moon Mountains with their source of magical power. But Hasani and Ambro are from warring tribes. Only by uniting in their quests can these three vanquish the rising powers of darkness, and set themselves free.     

“A brilliant fantasy of adventure and magic.” – Amazon reviews

“Well-written with a visceral world. The characters become real.”

                                                        -- MyShelf.com



Welcome to the world of  high fantasy in Terre

Troon Harrison

author & editor